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Our team

A team of passionate developers, project managers and consultants together making up Onnet Group with over 2 decades running strong. Our collective experience in handling countless projects gives us an understanding of the market requirement unlike any other. We put all that and more into the development of Pivotino.

Why we started

Our team decided to take up the challenge of developing the Pivotino platform while thinking about the financial impact the Covid-19 virus created globally. Our aim was to create an application for small business to super charge their recovery and stimulate a healthy economy. 

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We aim to make Pivotino the  best CRM  out there with constant updates and enhancement that will cater to all your sales needs while keeping the price affordable. 

We believe in making the advantages big corporations enjoy affordable for the smaller businesses. And better yet, be mobile compatible making it usable by anyone with a smart phone.

We hope Pivotino helps you and your business reach your potential and open up new doors of endless opportunities.

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