Business Process Automation VS Business Efficiency
The role of Business Process Automation in improving Business Efficiency.

The Relationship Between Business Process Automation & Business Efficiency

Throughout the years, businesses no matter how big or small, have been constantly searching for ways to improve their business efficiency and productivity.

When the efficiency and productivity of businesses improve, they will then gain more profit by saving costs, thus having a more competitive advantage. However;

What does business process automation mean?

What are some examples of it?

How business process automation improves business efficiency?

To assist you on your journey towards business process automation and efficiency improvement, we at Pivotino will be answering your questions in this article!


What is Automation?

The term “automation” on its own is the use of machines and computers to get specific work done without the need for human control. Automation can be said to be achieved when little to no manpower is needed when completing a task.


What is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation is the implementation of technology that helps replace manual human efforts in completing recurring tasks or processes.


What is Business Efficiency?

Business efficiency is the number of resources that businesses will have to spend in order to achieve their goals. Businesses with high efficiency will be able to achieve goals with as few resources as possible.


3 Ways Business Process Automation Improves Business Efficiency

Over the years, business owners have been coming up with all kinds of ways to improve their business efficiency.

However, with the current rise of digital technology, one of the best and most effective ways to improve business efficiency is through business process automation.

Here are 3 ways how business process automation can actually help improve the efficiency of your business!

1. Shorten Sales Cycle

It is crucial for businesses to have a short and efficient sales cycle in order to have an improved overall business efficiency.

The ultimate goal should not only be reducing resources used but also to increase profit all while improving overall business efficiency.

By automating some routine processes such as attending to customers’ inquiries, customer data entries, and delivery order creation, businesses will be able to significantly speed up customer response time.

When businesses are able to eliminate time-consuming manual work while keeping their customers satisfied, then it can be said that they are on the right track towards improved business efficiency.

2. Less Human Errors

Overall business efficiency can only be achieved when errors are reduced, or better yet eliminated.

Through the implementation of technology to help encourage business process automation, human-prone errors can be greatly reduced. Common errors such as data entry mistakes that can affect businesses in many ways can be avoided with the automation of data entry processes.

When there are fewer issues and problems to be fixed, businesses will be able to focus more on executing strategies. Resources can be placed to achieve goals instead of correcting problems.

In short, automation helps reduce errors, allowing resources to be allocated to execute strategies, which in turn improves efficiency.

3. Improve Staff Satisfaction

One other key component that businesses should focus on while trying to improve business efficiency is staff satisfaction.

A business will not be able to achieve optimum efficiency if the most important asset of any business, the staff, does not perform well. Thus, businesses should definitely include the topic of staff satisfaction within their initiatives to improve business efficiency.

Through business process automation, hectic manual work that is repetitive and time-consuming can be reduced. The staff will be able to get more work done with less time when routine processes are automated. They will feel more motivated to work as well when their efforts are impactful towards the business.

Staff who are more motivated and satisfied will be willing to put in more work and thus, improves the overall business efficiency without having to hire more resources.


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