CRM for Business Owners 

Valuable business insights at your fingertips

Stay well informed on the go with the few key statistics on your business progress. It is as simple as a few clicks to know if you are in a situation that needs your attention.

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Help to create a smart workflow

Let Pivotino help you to organize your data without you having to break a sweat. Save your time from doing repetitive tasks. 

Facilitates Business Growth

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You and your team can mark potential clients as won in a click of a button.

Less action with more instantaneous result. Watch your rising bar in dashboard, signifying rising sales. Now you can do what a business owner do, sit back and watch the progress from anywhere and anytime.

Analyze and act

Track where your business stands currently and where your future revenue could reach. Expand your business effectively and at the right time with these data.

Manage your team

Assign tasks, review activities, and evaluate performance. Bring out the best in your team and your company.

Optimize marketing effort

With the information captured from sales and customers, you can decide on effective marketing direction.

Give your business a boost