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Manage Pipeline

  • Opportunity Automation 

    • 1st Activity of new opportunity will be automatically created upon the user to save the new opportunity. The due date will be auto-assigned (based on 1st log in to system questionnaire : *Day(s) to set DUE for each Activity).

    • Users can always amend the activity due date by refer to click on “Edit” which shown at below (Planned Activities). The popup screen will be shown (Activity View) which allows for any amendment besides the Due date.

      • Planned Activities: Under Opportunity Form, “Edit” is showing at below “Planned Activities” session.

Odoo • Image and Text

                   Planned Activities

      • Activity View – After “Edit” is clicked, the system will pop up the screen which shown here for users to do any amendment.

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                          Activity View

    • After opportunity 1st activity is in DONE, the system will automatically move opportunity Stage “NEW” to Stage “First Activity” which is at stage 2 of the sales workflow.

      • In another way, the user also allows performing an alternative way by move the opportunity using the “Drag n Drop” action in Kanban View to the next stage than in this 1st activity will be automatically set as DONE as well.

Odoo • Image and Text

     Opportunity: Move from New to First Activity Stage

  • Moving Opportunity to LOST or WON 

    • There are 2 ways of moving your opportunity from any Stage to WON or LOST in the system.

    • Option 1: Go to your opportunity, there is a button “Mark Won” or “Mark Lost” action to turn this opportunity to WON or LOST Stage. (Please Refer below-mentioned figure: Opportunity Form View)

Odoo • Image and Text

                            Opportunity Form View

    • Option 2 :  Go to Kanban View, you can look for an opportunity than using “Drag n Drop” to move the opportunity to WON or LOST Stage. ( Please refer below-mentioned figure :  Opportunity Kanban View )

Odoo • Image and Text

               Opportunity Kanban View

    • For the LOST stage, the system will pop up the screen to ask for “Lost Reason” (Please refer below-mentioned figure), the user will need to select the closet reason (*if not available) as this data is important for Missed Sales Analysis.

Odoo • Image and Text

                     Lost Reason Wizard

    • Once Opportunity moved to Lost and Won stage, system shows the LOST or WON “Ribbon” will be displayed on your opportunity

Odoo • Image and Text

                    Lost or Won Ribbon

Manage Your Activity

In Pivotino CRM, you can use the activities to plan, track, and organize all your customer communication. For Example, you can take notes, send emails, mail, make phone calls, set up meetings, and an appointments. These actions are considered activities. The system is automatically creates the log for every activity and shows who created it.

  • View My Activities :

    • Pivotino allows us to take a quick view of your activities from the Activities Menu.

Odoo • Image and Text

                           Activities Menu

  • Schedule Your Activity :

    • It’s Important for everyone in the organization to track all their customer interactions by adding an activity for every email, phone call, or appointment. 

    • The activity can be planned and managed from the “ Schedule Activity ” on chatter or kanban view of the opportunity.

Odoo • Image and Text

                         Schedule and Activity Menu

  • Schedule Your Meeting in Calendar :

    • In CRM, you can plan activities for a specific day. If you want to set by hours, go with the Meeting activity type.

    • When scheduling one, the calendar will simply open to let you select a time slot.

    • In the Meeting activity, the system allowed to you set reminders.  

Odoo • Image and Text

                           Meeting: select a time slot

    • You can set the recurring meeting for every day, by week, by month and by year with respect of repeat interval.

Odoo • Image and Text

                      Meeting: select a recurring

Pipeline Followup

  • Send Message from Opportunity :

    • In Pivotino, you want to send the message to the customer or followers to direct communications for a particular opportunity then you can do through send a message on chatter.

      • Select an opportunity that you would like to send a message.

      • Click on “Send Message” and there will be a chatter for you to write something.

      • You can ping your internal or external followers using the at symbol  (@).

      • Customer Email address already adds and tic above the text area.

      • If you are not intended to send this message to the customer, you have to untick the checkbox beside the customer name.

      • Enter your message or attachment and click “Send”. An email will be sent out for the follower and recipient.

Odoo • Image and Text

                        Send Message from Opportunity

  • Add Log Note for Followers :

    • To interact with followers, whether there are internal or external, click on a log a note. You may want to note down some notes in your opportunity or communicate with your team, you can use this log note functionality.

    • Select the opportunity that you would like to log note. Go to the chatter and click on the log note.

    • You can ping your internal or external followers using the at symbol (@).

    • Click on it and there will be a chatter for you to write something. Enter your note and click Log. You can attach a document to the note too. This note will be shown in the activity log.

Odoo • Image and Text

                         Add Log Note for Followers

Add Followers :

  • In the chatter, click on the Followers icon, You can add the followers for the internal or external interaction.

  • Followers get notified of any changes in the opportunity and can see the opportunity like you do, with the description and the chatter.

Odoo • Image and Text

                              Add Followers

Select which notification to get followers : 

  • For an opportunity, select what you would like to be notified about your followers. 

  • For that, Click on Followers icon > select followers > Edit Subscription > and select the function for that you would like to notify the followers.

Odoo • Image and Text

                     Edit Followers